benefits of solar

Top 5 benefits of solar energy

You have probably heard people talking about solar energy but why should you be thinking about it for your home? Here are our top five benefits...

1) Silent producer of energy

There are lots of fantastic energy sources which are gentle on the environment, but they are often quite obtrusive, such as wind farms. However, solar panels are excellent because they are so discreet. They're not an eyesore and they don't make any noise or produce waste. 

2) Low maintenance energy source

Once solar panels have been installed, there is very little ongoing maintenance required. A brief yearly checkup to make sure that everything is in working order is all that is required. Other than that, you just need to let them sit back, soak up the sun then convert those rays into energy to heat and power your home!

3) Renewable energy source

Not only is solar energy sustainable and environmentally friendly, it is also renewable. This means that it will never run out. As long as the sun shines, we can produce solar energy!

4) Reduction in electricity bills

The positive environmental impact of solar energy is largely undisputed but it is often the financial benefits that prompt homeowners to install solar panels. Not only will your own electricity bills be reduced, as you are producing energy yourself, but any surplus energy you generate will be exported back to the power grid. You will receive bonus payments for this and you can also do certain things to increase the amount of money you can make or save. For instance, you can sell energy to the grid at high use times, then buy electricity back when rates are lower. 

5) Increases the value of your home

Beyond just the financial benefits you will reap whilst you live in your home, solar panels are also a great investment installation for the future. Buying a home with solar panels translates into lower energy costs from the get go and is therefore a very attractive prospect. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has suggested that homes with solar panels on average sell 20% faster and for 17% more money.