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The benefits of solar panels for domestic installations

Energy is one of the biggest commodities on the planet and, for the last few centuries, the main forms of fuel have been gas, oil and coal, as well as nuclear power in recent decades. It has been recognised how much of an impact these types of fuels have had on the environment and their contribution to pollution, the rise of greenhouse gasses and the effects they have on our health.

Recently there has been a move towards natural, sustainable energy in the form of wind and solar power and while it is difficult to harness the power of wind in your own back garden there has been a rise in domestic installations of solar panels, which can be conveniently situated on the roof of your home.

There are a number of benefits of having solar panels installed and this article will outline some of the most important:

Reduce your bills

Solar power is available to all, but to convert sunlight to energy, you need solar panels installed by professionals like us. Solar energy will save you money on your home fuel bills because solar panels are designed to produce energy when it’s most needed – during the day when we’re using the many gadgets and gizmos we rely on to make our lives easier or provide entertainment. When you’re using stored energy from your solar panels, this reduces the amount you will need to pay to your energy provider.

Get paid for energy you don’t need

Once solar panels are installed they become part of the national grid and they may actually produce more electricity than you need to use. If this happens, your utility supplier may give you financial recompense or credit your account for the excess power generated as it will return to the grid and make it available for others to use.

A back up source of energy

If there is a power cut, guess who won’t be left in the dark? That’s right – you! In the event of a power outage you can rely on your solar power as a backup if your system has rechargeable batteries. They can store energy for use later if the need arises - whether that’s during the day or at night.

Help the environment

The fossil fuels we have come to rely on are not a sustainable source of energy and contribute to environmental damage. Humanity has made steps towards finding renewable sources of energy that work with the environment rather than against it and it’s important to secure the future of your energy supply and take control of meeting the demand of your energy needs. The focus is essential not just for this current time but for future generations. We need to start thinking about what we can do now to create sustainable energy for years to come.

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