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Solar Repair Agreement Announced by STA

Solar Trade Association boosts solar energy industry in UK

The Solar Repair Agreement has been announced by Solar Trade Association (STA) to allow solar panel system owners to contract an installer to repair faulty PV systems, providing a reassuring boost to the UK solar panel industry.

There are almost half a million solar PV installed systems in the UK, each with a shelf life of around 30 years. With this amount of solar systems, there are bound to be instances where repair work will become necessary. Although many solar installers do in fact carry out repair work in keeping with warranties and insurance policies, some solar energy companies have had to close their doors. This has left customers concerned about where to turn if there is a fault in their solar installation. 

In the past, many solar energy companies would have refused to work on previously installed panels and systems for fear of being held liable for hidden faults. To provide protection for both customers and solar panel installers, the Solar Trade Association (STA)  is seeking out a brand new agreement which will make it much easier for future solar PV panel installers to carry out any necessary maintenance without fear of culpability due to faults outside of their control. It is also thought this agreement will incentivise investment in solar power. 

This new ‘Solar Repair Agreement’ (SRA) will help to delineate the liability that solar PV system repair work may come up against due to previous faults, or even poor installation in the first instance. Before engaging with any repair work, the customer will sign an agreement with their new installer which accepts that they are only responsible for their own work, which gives both parties the peace of mind that they are entering into an amicable agreement. 

This SRA comes as a massive boost to the solar industry as the government has caused concern with the announcement that they are slashing the feed-in tariff incentive scheme. The loss of this scheme has created a growing concern of possible job losses in the renewable energy sector. If a customer is experiencing problems with their solar PV panel systems, they are now able to contract an installer to work on their previously installed system once the agreement has been signed. This could lead to many companies being able to keep their doors open.

Here at Recycle Solar, we offer a comprehensive solution for all your solar panel requirements, from installation through to any repairs and recycling of end-of-life PV panels. 

If you have previously had a solar PV panel system installed that requires repairs or replacing, we would advise that you first speak to your original installer to find out whether or not they have arranged an insurance-backed warranty for your system. If this isn’t the case, the arrival of the ‘Solar Repair Agreement’ means that it isn’t the end of the line for your solar PV panel system.

Contact us to find out how we can repair or replace your existing solar panel system to maintain its efficiency and your investment.