Damaged Solar panel Bolsover Moor Solar Park

Damaged Solar PV panels collected from Bolsover Moor Solar Farm

Recycle Solar have collected a number of damaged solar PV panels from a solar farm which has recently been developed in Bolsover Moor Quarry in Derbyshire.

Metka – EGN who have project managed the 4.99MW array on behalf of Lightsource are in the final days of construction with a few finishing touches to be completed.

Nafsika Sakellariou the project engineer for Metka - EGN required an environmentally friendly solution for disposing of the damaged panels. With projects of this size involving so many solar modules there are inevitably a few that suffer damage either in transit or during the installation process. Metka – EGN are experts at keeping this to a minimum and considering the size of the installation the amount of damaged panels was very low.

Nafsika had already enlisted the services of Recycle Solar in 2016 for a similar size collection near Blackpool in the North West so was confident we would complete the collection on time and on budget.

Recycle Solar Technologies are the UKs only solar PV recycling company. We offer much more competitive prices to our UK residential, commercial and solar farm customers than overseas companies who export. The other big advantage to using Recycle Solar is the carbon footprint of transporting the unwanted, damaged panels is massively reduced.

All profits made from the recycling process are used for national fuel poverty schemes which benefit UK communities and help to stop people suffering in the UKs long cold winters.

Nafsika Sakellariou and Chris Roe

Chris Roe from Recycle Solar Technologies meeting Nafsika Sakellariou Project Engineer for Metka - EGN at Bolsover Moor Solar Farm. 

Van fully loaded with damaged panels

Damaged panels ready for removal from site